Heat Hero Direct Technical


Heat Hero Direct Gravity and Safety

Heat Hero Direct is an open vented, gravity solid fuel heating system that has a built in cooling loop for safety. In the event of power failure, the thermal safety valve opens when the solid fuel boiler over heats and water mains flushes through a 44KW heat exchanger witch cools the primary flow and return coming from the solid fuel boiler.


Heat Hero Direct Dual Heating System

Heat Hero Direct is a safe open vented, gravity solid fuel heating system that has a built in cooling loop in the event of electrical failure. There is no heat exchanger on the solid fuel boiler so the water from the solid fuel boiler is circulated directly throughout the heating system. Solid fuel boilers can now be connected to single coil pressure cylinders and have a storage of over 300 litres of domestic hot water. They can also be linked up with solar panels, oil boilers and high pressure gas boilers efficiently and safely.
Some of the benefits of Heat Hero Direct;

  • Can be used with single coil mains pressurised cylinders.
  • Can be used with single coil open vented cylinders.
  • No need to change the cylinder.
  • The water is pumped directly throughout the heating system without using a heat exchanger.
  • No electrical components or moving parts so no maintenance required.
  • Very easily installed and zoned.
  • Safety Cooling Circuit in the event of power cut.
  • Completely open vented system.
  • Requires an 8m circulation pump for strong circulation throughout the heating system.

Follow the diagram above.


Heat Hero Direct with a High Pressurised Gas Boiler

A solid fuel boiler is a non-controllable heat source that can prejudice very high temperatures. It is not recommended to install a heat exchanger on a solid fuel boiler because it will restrict the circulation around the solid fuel boiler and affect the heat transfer throughout the house. A heat exchanger can be very efficiently installed on a controllable heat source like a gas boiler. Both the gas and the solid fuel boiler will operate fully efficiently.
Follow the diagram above.