Heat Hero is a High Efficiency Solid Fuel Heating System

Heat Hero is a High Efficiency open vented Solid Fuel Heating System that can save you up to 50% of your heating bills. Heat Hero gives you more heat to all of your radiators, more hot water and you will burn less fuel.

Heat Hero Creates a Highly Efficient & Safe Solid Fuel Heating System

Open vented solid fuel heating systems are inefficient by design because there is limited pressure in the system. Heat Hero creates the pressure required to pump water directly from your stove to your radiators with a strong circulation resulting in improved heat transfer

Safe & Easy Installation

Heat Hero has no moving parts or electrical connections and is very easy and quick to install, usually in the hot-press or beside the stove. It is for all new boiler stove installations or for upgrading existing solid fuel heating systems.tely

Waterford Stanley

Waterford Stanley and all major stove manufacturers recommend Heat Hero to be installed with their boiler stoves and cookers.

Heat Hero

Increase the heat in your home using less energy

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I fitted a Heat Hero Gravity with a Waterford Stanley Erin Boiler Stove and was amazed at how well the system worked and I will definitely be fitting Heat Hero with all solid fuel boilers in the future.
Steven Walsh

Foxford, Co. Mayo