Heat Hero Solid Fuel Efficiency System Approved by Blacksmith Stoves


Blacksmith Stoves is an Irish Company based in Waterford. Designed and manufactured by H-Tec Limited, Blacksmith Stoves carry many years of experience in all aspects of stove technology, design and distribution.  With a team in Ireland of 40 years experience and knowledge, combined with their extensive dealer network, this guarantees a service which is second to none and advice which is both accurate and clear.

Blacksmith Stoves have a wide range of efficient and stylish Multifuel Stoves. From Inset Stoves, Free Standing Stoves and Contemporary Stoves from the Thorma range of wood burning stoves, Blacksmith Stoves traditional design fits well with both old and contemporary style homes within both rural and townhouse settings.  All stoves are CE approved and come with renowned Blacksmith Stoves 5 year guarantee.

Their Artisan Inset stove and Artisan fire front models provide cosy affordable solutions to improve efficiencies whilst retaining the look of your fireplace.  Other ranges include The Harness free standing stove considered the ‘junior’ to the Blacksmith Multi-Fuel.  Other Boiler & Non Boiler ranges include The Bellows, Forge, Farrier and Furnace and as their names suggest, have strength and power.    The Contemporary THORMA Stove Range by Blacksmith Stoves also offers superb heat efficiency with very modern design features.  These are all excellent boiler stoves to suit every home.

Every Boiler Stove depends a great deal on the heating system which is connected to it for to have the system operate efficiently. To achieve the utmost efficiencies from any boiler stove the requirement is a strong heat circulation throughout the heating system.  This is paramount.  Heat Hero’s innovative solution creates that strong circulation allowing the boiler stove to operate efficiently and safely.  Heat Hero is the most recommended system to link up a Boiler Stove with other heating systems such as Oil/Gas/Solar and can be easily retro-fitted to upgrade and improve existing Boiler Stove Installations.