Heat Hero Solid Fuel Efficiency System Approved by Boru Stoves


 Boru Stoves is an Irish company founded in 2008 by Dermot Fitzgerald. The company was started with the mission to manufacture Irish stoves that could compete with any brand across the world.  This very successful business now employs over 85 people and manufacture over 15,000 units a year, selling their stoves globally.

Boru Stoves have a wide range of efficient and stylish Boiler Stoves;  The Chieftan Insert Boiler Stove as featured on RTE’s Eco Eye. Their extensive Carraig Mor Boiler Stove range and  chic double sided Boiler Stoves, excellent Boiler Stoves to suit every home.

Every Boiler Stove relies heavily on the heating system it is connected to operate efficiently and the key to achieving the maximum efficiency from any Boiler Stove is strong heat circulation throughout the heating system.  Heat Hero’s innovative solution creates strong circulation and allows a boiler stove to operate efficiently and safely.  Heat Hero is the most recommended system to link up a  Boiler Stove with other heating systems such as Oil/Gas/Solar and can be easily retro-fitted to upgrade and improve existing Boiler Stove Installations.