Heat Hero Solid Fuel Efficiency System Approved by Brightfire Stoves


Brightfire Stoves is a fully owned Irish company, based in Wexford Ireland.  As Irish manufacturers of the finest multi-fuel & woodburning stoves, the company aim to simplify the real fire process and bring an enduring sense of warmth and satisfaction to the very heart of your home.   Every stove that Brightfire Stoves produce will become part of an integral part of any home and daily life.

Designed and built using the latest technology, their clean burning stoves, burn wood, coal and smokeless fuels at maximum efficiency and output low emissions, giving a clear view of the fire.

At Brightfire Stoves great care and attention has been put into the development of each and every stove produced, across all ranges and models.  Brightfire Stoves believe in continuous improvement, which is why you will find that Brightfire Stoves offer a range of features that surpasses those of other manufacturers.

Brightfire Stoves provide a large range of efficient, Multi-Fuel Boiler Stoves offering contemporary and traditional styles to suit any home.  Models include Free Standing Stoves, Inset Stoves, Double Door Stoves, Panorama Double (& Single) Door Dry & Boiler Models which are all capable of producing a substantial level of heat.

With Brightfire Stoves your home is heated while burning wood as fuel, in addition to running a complete central heating system.  All Brightfire Stoves are CE approved and come with renowned exceptional quality and 5 year guarantee.

All Boiler Stoves rely greatly on the heating system it is connected to operate efficiently. The crucial aspect to achieving maximum efficiencies from any Boiler Stove is strong heat circulation throughout the heating system.  Heat Hero’s innovative solution creates strong circulation and allows a boiler stove to operate efficiently and safely.  Heat Hero is the most recommended system to link up a  Boiler Stove with other heating systems such as Oil/Gas/Solar and can be easily retro-fitted to upgrade and improve existing Boiler Stove Installations