Heat Hero Solid Fuel Efficiency System Approved by Hamco Stoves



Hamco Heating is a 100% Irish manufacturer of stoves with over half a century and three generations of the same family.

Hamco has developed its own range of contemporary Steel Stoves, 100% manufactured in Ireland called the Morgan Range and Cast Iron Stoves called The Glen Collection and The Lough Collection of Boiler and HamNon-Boiler Stoves.

Hamco Heating stoves are all capable of producing a substantial level of heat offering from 4.5Kw to 15Kw Room Heater models and from Domestic Hot Water only up to 19 standard radiators.

All Hamco Heating products are made to the highest standards, materials and stress points are tested and reinforced to ensure they have the most durable and efficient stoves on the market.

All Boiler Stoves significantly rely on the heating system it is connected to operate efficiently.  The main key to achieving maximum efficiencies from any Boiler Stove is strong heat circulation throughout the heating system.  Heat Hero’s innovative solution creates strong circulation and allows a boiler stove to operate efficiently and safely.  Heat Hero is the most recommended system to link up a  Boiler Stove with other heating systems such as Oil/Gas/Solar and can be easily retro-fitted to upgrade and improve existing Boiler Stove Installations