Heat Hero Solid Fuel Efficiency System Approved by Mulberry Stoves


Originating in Ireland, Mulberry Stoves have been making homes snug and warm for years.  They have a dedicated team of experienced people who provide products of exceptional quality and value providing Multi-Fuel boiler stoves.

Mulberry Stoves has an extensive range of products to include Free Standing, Inset and Firefront stoves.

Mulberry Stove’s Free Standing models offer a traditional look to their cast-iron stove collection.  The model range includes Joyce 6.8Kw, Yeats 10.6Kw, Beckett 21Kw & Shaw 5Kw & 10Kw.  These models come with a back boiler capable of powering central heating systems and domestic hot water.

Mulberry Stove’s Inset and Firefront Collection include the Stoker (suitable for firepace with existing back boiler) and QIS (Non Boiler Stove) models.


All Boiler Stoves very much depend on the heating system it is connected to operate efficiently.  The main characteristic to achieving maximum efficiencies from any Boiler Stove is strong heat circulation throughout the heating system.  Heat Hero’s innovative solution creates strong circulation and allows a boiler stove to operate efficiently and safely.  Heat Hero is the most recommended system to link up a  Boiler Stove with other heating systems such as Oil/Gas/Solar and can be easily retro-fitted to upgrade and improve existing Boiler Stove Installations