Heat Hero Direct Dual Heating System



Heat Hero Direct creates pressure in an open vented solid fuel heating system and allows a solid fuel boiler to be safely and efficiently linked to oil or gas boilers without using a heat exchanger.

  • Can be used with single coil mains pressurised cylinders.
  • Can be used with single coil open vented cylinders.
  • No need to change the cylinder.
  • The water is pumped directly throughout the heating system without using a heat exchanger.
  • No electrical components or moving parts so no maintenance required.
  • Very easily installed and zoned.
  • Safety Cooling Circuit in the event of power cut.
  • Completely open vented system.
  • Requires an 8m circulation pump for strong circulation throughout the heating system.

Please look at our short Heat Hero Direct explanatory video where we explain the benefits of Heat Hero Direct in more detail.