Heat Hero will feature on this Sunday’s episode of RTE’s Dragon’s Den on RTE One at 9.30pm. Heat Hero is a high efficiency solid fuel heating system that can reduce your heating bills by up to 30%. Heat Hero produces more heat to your radiators, produces more hot water and will ensure you burn less fuel.

Art McArdle, Director of Heat Hero and inventor of the Heat Hero – High Efficiency Solid Fuel Heating System, entered the Den to pitch to the Dragon’s. Speaking about the experience of pitching the Heat Hero products to the Dragon’s, Art said,

I really enjoyed the experience. I was looking forward to getting in front of the Dragon’s and showing them the Heat Hero range, how they work and how they can save people money. We have a unique and innovative product that has a proven track record of doing what it says; producing more heat in people’s homes and saving them money on their heating bills. So I think it was clear to the Dragon’s the value of our products.

Asked about any nerves he had when he made his Den appearance, Art said;

I was quite relaxed in the run up to the pitch and I think I was able to stay calm and composed in the Den. Though it’s a fairly daunting experience!

Heat Hero is an award-winning product designed for solid fuel heating systems; the product was commended by the Sustainable Energy Association of Ireland (SEAI) in the Best Innovative Product category, was recognised at the Heating & Plumbing Awards and is a HETAS Listed Solid Fuel product.

Heat Hero Gravity is the only safe, open vented, gravity, fully pumped pressurised solid fuel heating system on the market. It can improve efficiency by up to 30% and it is a safe and easy installation for single or dual systems. If you are burning too much fuel, not getting enough heat from your radiators or not getting enough hot water, Heat Hero Gravity will solve these problems. This is a good 2 minute explainer video https://heathero.ie/video/.

Heat Hero Direct is the newest Heat Hero product on the market. It creates approximately 0.7 bar of pressure in an open vented solid fuel heating system and allows a solid fuel boiler to be installed safely and efficiently anywhere, even where there is no gravity available or the cylinder is located a long way from the solid fuel boiler.

Be sure to tune in this Sunday evening to see if Heat Hero can stick the heat in the Den and remain cool under the pressure!