Heat Hero Free Flow Zoning Centre

Zoning your central heating allows you to control the temperature in different parts of the house separately e.g lower heat in the kitchen than in a bedroom, or setting the heating to switch on and off at different times in separate areas.

Current building regulations require all new houses to have zoned central heating. Zoning is a more efficient way of home heating and benefits both new and older properties.


Available in 3 or 4 zone
The Living Room Zone automatically turns on when the stove reaches 50°-55°.
The Domestic Hot Water is controlled through the Stat. on the Cylinder.
The 3rd & 4th Zones are controlled through the 3 or 4 Zone Time Clock.
The heat transfers quickly throughout your heating system.
Strong circulation throughout your heating system is created by installing only one 8 meter head circulation pump at the boiler.
Water flows freely throughout the zones without any restrictions..
5 Year warranty motorised valves are used to open and close zones.
Very easily installed with low maintenance and very low running costs.
There are no baffles that would restrict or slow down circulation.
Motorised valves are prewired and electrical diagram is very easy to follow.
Return manifold has valves for balancing zones.



Heat Hero Free Flow Zoning Centre Electrical Diagram