Heat Hero supports renewable sustainable efficient solid fuel central heat, promoting the use of wood and biomass fuel.



Forests help reduce climate change effects by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas responsible for climate change and emissions of it from man-made sources have been increasing year on year since the 1950s.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for growth, convert it to sugars and wood and release pure oxygen back to the atmosphere.

In Ireland, young forests grow quickly and absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide. Harvesting the trees before they die naturally (and return their carbon to the atmosphere) locks the carbon into the wood and wood products. Replanting the trees then begins the cycle of carbon storage again immediately.

Coillte is committed to increasing the amount of carbon dioxide stored by our forests by managing our existing forests on a fully sustainable basis and promoting the use of wood and wood products as an alternative to fossil fuels and non-renewable construction materials.

Wood and wood products are known as climate-smart products.  They are low energy, renewable and fully sustainable construction materials and when used for construction or furniture, store carbon for long periods.

Learn more about Coillte’s wood products and biomass.

Wood is also a low carbon source of fuel and using wood and wood products for construction and biomass burning releases much less carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere than conventional fossil fuels.

Trees offer other climate change benefits too.  They provide shade and cooling to waters and soils, control and prevent flooding events and provide habitats for rare species.

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