Here at HEAT HERO, we are still on a high about securing the £60,000 investment with dragoness, Eleanor McEvoy and the prospect of getting on with the work and getting Heat Hero into the wider markets. Like any new business you need all the help you can get and the experience of the Dragons is the main thing. The mentorship we’re going to get from Eleanor, is going to be invaluable to us.

Developing the Heat Hero system is a breakthrough in efficiency in solid fuel central heating, and now we are introducing it to the UK market and it is being very well received. Eleanor is in Northern Ireland and has a lot of contacts in the UK which is a huge market for us.

The future is looking good for HEAT HERO – for the moment though, we are very excited to get Eleanor’s investment, expertise and leadership. We want to improve the heating in people’s homes throughout the UK and Ireland.

So……..Watch this Space!

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