With continuing home heating Oil and Gas price hikes, homeowners are turning to more cost-efficient ways to heat their homes.  Energy efficiency is top of the list for most homeowners, and now solid fuel systems are becoming a very popular choice.  Mainly because they are vastly more cost-effective and with the introduction of Heat Hero revolutionary technology, now less fuel is burned to provide more heat around the system. Saving up to 30% on fuel.  An easy installation for any plumber, and the manifolds in Heat Hero System have no electronics or moving parts.

Solid fuel has been used since the beginning of human history and its part of our human psyche.  Many people are opting for a combination heating for home heating oil or gas with solid fuel or solid fuel and solar.  Solid fuel can be linked in with any other fuel type.  With fossil fuel prices on the rise having the option to heat your home with a cleanburn fuel or wood makes sense, both for our environment and to save on heating costs.

With winters becoming harsher each year, there is nothing like the direct heat from a solid fuel boiler, every time you light the fire you are getting your whole house heated and it provides oodles of hot water.  Heat Hero has an efficient solid fuel heating system for linking up any domestic solid fuel boiler or range cooker with any other heat system and in any location in the house.

There are many solid fuel boiler manufacturers in Ireland  & UK, to name but a few Waterford Stanley, Boru Stoves, Mulberry Stoves, Blacksmith Stoves, Henley Stoves, Firebird, Hamco, Stovax, Hunter.  Two out of three homes in Ireland have a fireplace and a quarter of homes have Stoves, so we know we love Stoves, and what makes sense is to have a central heating stove.

With fast-rising costs of home heating oil, an investment in a boiler stove or cooker will pay off quickly and make your home more energy efficient and increase value. Using Heat Hero in a dual heating system will make significant savings on both fuel costs.