Heat Hero Direct

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  • Direct Heat to Radiators & DHW
  • No Heat Exchanger on Solid Fuel Boiler
  • No Need to Dig Up Floors
  • No Need to Change Cylinder
  • Built-in 44KW Cooling Loop




Heat Hero Direct was designed to operate in single or dual solid fuel heating system. It is open vented, safe, fully efficient, easily installed and allows the water circulate directly from the solid fuel boiler to the radiators and DHW without going through a heat exchanger. This allows the solid fuel boiler operate fully efficiently with good heat transfer throughout the home.


  •  Heat Hero Direct is a safe open vented heating system that has gravity and a built in 44 KW cooling loop that will cool the solid fuel boiler in the event of power failure.
  • The heat from the solid fuel boiler is directly circulated to the radiators and DHW without going through a heat exchanger which allows the solid fuel boiler operate fully efficiently.
  • There is no need to dig up floors to install gravity pipes.
  • There is no need to change a single coil cylinder to a dual coil cylinder.
  • Heat Hero Direct is very easily installed and has no electrical connections.
  • The pipe thermostat is installed beside the solid fuel boiler for accurate temperature readings.
  • Heat Hero Direct is compatible with pressurised and open vented single coil cylinders.


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No need to change cylinder No need to dig up floors

1 review for Heat Hero Direct

  1. Gerry Farrelly

    Having struggled with poor heat returns from our oil cooker and back boiler dual fuel system coupled with ever rising costs we exploded the heat hero system. We spoke to Art about our dilemma with a view to installing a new stove to replace our ageing back boiler. Art spoke passionately about installing heat hero and its benefits to our heating system. We sealed the deal and work commenced. With much effort and skill two days later we had our new heat hero system in place. Moving forward a couple of weeks from installation we are in awe of its transformational impact on our heating. I am not one for overstating, so when I say the Heat Hero system is transformational and ground breaking in terms of heating efficiency and savings is an understatement. This is a piece of genius equipment. Congratulations to Art for his creative development of something worthy of high recommendation.

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