Did you know the discovery of how to make fire for the purpose of burning wood is regarded as one of humanity’s most important advances? The use of solid fuel as a basis for heat is considered much older than civilisation. In recent years thousands of consumers are turning to alternative types of fuel and solid fuel burning stoves to replace all, or part, of their central heating.

The preference for solid fuel central heating is becoming an increasingly popular choice as we choose fires to help us stay warm throughout the winter months.  Solid fuels such as wood, peat, coal and briquettes are quite common and indigenous to Ireland and can be sourced fairly cheaply.

What are the Benefits of Solid Fuel?

Here are some of the benefits of solid fuel central heating to consider if you are thinking of changing the heating system in your home or installing a system in your new-build home*;

  • Reduces risk of hay fever, asthma and eczema
  • Reduces condensation and eliminates household mould consistent with on/off fires
  • More efficient way to heat your home
  • Extensive choice of fuels – wood, smokeless fuel and coal can all be burned in your solid fuel system
  • Easy to use heating system that can keep your home at a consistent temperature throughout the day
  • Guaranteed heat even in the most adverse of weather conditions
  • Improved ventilation in your home with your chimney drawing in fresh air and removing polluted air.

Heat Hero and Solid Fuel

Whatever boiler stove or solid fuel central heating system you have installed in your home, with the Heat Hero product range, we can make your home heating system more efficient and reduce your heating bills by up to 30%. If you would like further advice on solid fuel heating or want to discuss how to make your solid fuel system more efficient, please just get in touch with our team today or email us on info@heathero.ie.

*Benefits adapted from Solid Fuel Association post