Wood or ‘biomass’ is a sustainable fuel which provides heat, hot water and energy at all scales. Wood fuel is considered to be ‘carbon lean’, meaning that each tree absorbs the same amount of carbon dioxide when growing as it releases when burned.   It is only the minimal amounts of fossil fuel used in processing and transportation that makes it carbon ‘lean’ rather than carbon neutral.

When a woodland area is managed in a sustainable manner new tree growth absorbs atmospheric carbon dioxide, offsetting that released by burning wood. The overall contribution to atmospheric CO2 levels is hence minimal.

Development of a biomass wood fuel market for boilers can generate substantial additional national income and lead to much greater management of our woodlands and forestry. Investment in woodlands and forestry also greatly improve biodiversity.  Increasing appreciation of the finite nature of fossil fuels and the wider impacts on the environment of their use is encouraging us all to consider other fuels which can be sustainably sourced.   Well-managed woodlands are a good source of wood as a low carbon, renewable and sustainable fuel.

When a Solid Fuel Boiler is installed using Heat Hero Efficient Heating System – the highest efficiency is achieved burning less fuel and transferring more heat around the heating system and also providing more domestic hot water.  Heat Hero works by giving strong heat circulation around the heating system and also providing more hot water faster, burn rate is decreased as heat is transferred more efficiently around the home – less heat is need in the firebox to sustain the heat circulation.  https://heathero.ie/shop/

Heat Hero recommends and promotes the use of sustainable fuel like wood and biomass for solid fuel central heating – for a greener earth – we love our planet!

source: southeast woodfuels