May 16, 2019

Just thought I would share this.  I had some problems with my boiler stove and heard about this product.  I spoke to Art on the phone and he was a real gentleman, he explained everything how Heat Hero works and how it would solve problems I was having.  I decided to install Heat Hero to my 30kw Blacksmith Boiler Stove and got my plumber Gary to fit it for me.    Art even rang me a week later to see if I had installed it yet and how it was working for me that was around 8 weeks ago so I thought I would see how things went before I write about this product.   I have to say I can’t believe  the difference it has made to my stove is day and night, radiators heat up far quicker, I used to have to turn off some radiators to push heat to furthest away ones now all can stay on, heat in them is great and cant thank Art enough for his help.  How something so simple can solve so may problems is a credit to him.  You can see his short videos on You Tube and he was also on Dragons Den Ireland and got investment from one of them, please share and let your friends who might have a boiler stove and have having some problems. I can’t recommend this product enough.