Staffordshire, UK
February 1, 2019

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Heat Hero inventor Art McArdle for his incredible piece of kit. We have a rayburn 40 stove as well as leaving a gas boiler in for back-up giving us a choice.
The rayburn has now been fitted and never have i had to use the gas ever. With Heat Hero I’ve now got hot water so hot it steams, 9 radiators are so hot it’s unreal. I have a choice of various fuels,logs,economy coal,smokeless the Heat Hero enables all of these fuels to provide ample heat for hot water and I believe even more than 9 radiators would run from this too. I was told by plumbers that our rayburn could only run 2/3 radiators but the performance from Heat Hero is outstanding.
The Heat Hero has taken so much pressure from our day to day life as cooking anytime ,constant hot water for baths/showers and a house that is continuously warm, it is so economic to run with no worrying about bills . So don’t hold back give heat hero 5 minutes of your time you will never look back it has given us a new lease on life making us fully independent saving a fortune it worked for us, as long as you have a back boiler in a stove or fire it will work.
Thanks again Art, forever grateful.