January 29, 2018

For years we struggled with our dual fuel system – back boiler and oil cooker-  instead of complementing each other in heating our house, as expected, the results were the opposite.  Our back boiler was in need of replacing so we considered an insert stove.  ‘Elete stoves’ were called upon to do the change over.  Having met with Art and his team to discuss (and lament about our poor returns for out fuel outlays) Art informed us about ‘Heat Hero’ and its assured benefits.  Let’s get moving we said excitedly.  Work commenced and after two days of hard work and skilled labor we had our new system up and running.   Moving on one month from installation of Heat Hero, our heating has been transformed.  We have a wonderfully cosy warm house with fuel efficiency at a level way beyond any expectations It was just unimaginable before.  Heat Hero is a genius piece of equipment, a truly 21st century requirement for anyone wanting to maximise their heating system and save money.  Thank you Art for your innovative mind and creative skills.  We are delighted to recommend HEAT HERO.