March 13, 2018

I dont usually post about this kinda thing but this is a must, we fitted a solid fuel stove to our house 9 years ago when we were building it, we also have solar panels and oil.   We bought 40 bags of coal for the first 5 years and never had a really hot radiator once.  In the end we just gave up on it, had gotten every plumber I know to look at it but no good so took a look at it myself and what I could figure out was the stove was producing plenty of hot water but where it was going in my case was up the vent pipe, which every system must have, up to the attic and dumping all my hot water into the small tank. It was so hot it was out of shape and how it didn’t burst I don’t know, so the only hot water my rads were getting was just gravity feed from the tank but how to fix this was the problem.  I just happened to meet Art at the ploughing match and he said 100% this will fix it, I didn’t belive him so brought home a brochure and rang my plumber.   He called and looked at it and said he seen it before but wasn’t sure, he said it’s a lot of money to chance it but to me it was only half the price of a pallet of coal so went to ploughing match the following year and bought it, got it fitted last summer and what can I say this is possibly the best, most under-estimated product out there!   It has transformed our stove into a boiler, we don’t even put coal into it now as it would blow you out of the house.   Many a night we’ve been sitting watching TV and thought the oil heating must be on too it would be so hot but no just the stove! For us it’s a no-brainer, if anyone out there has same problem as us go check your tanks and if they are hot just fit this product, it’s unbelievable!

Ciaran Casey,  Macroom Co Cork