Glendarragh, Wicklow
October 30, 2018

I have a Broseley Hercules 30Kw stove heating 23 Rads. I also have a Firebird Oil boiler connected to the heating system. We bought the house 3 ½ years ago and from day one always had issues with the heating system.

The main problems were:
• Once lit the stove would take anything up to 2 hours with a strong fire to heat the rads –and even then they were not very hot.
• System was frequently pitching water out of the header tank in the attic through the overflow pipe at the side of the house.
• I was told recently by a plumber that my 10 year old oil boiler would inevitably reach the end of its useful life in the next 2 to 3 years and that when I replace same with a new high efficiency boiler that I could not have the stove linked into the same system. Basically he informed me that my 30Kw stove would be disconnected from all pipework but that I could use it as a room heater!

I, like many others, had seen Art on Dragons Den a couple of years ago and went searching for re-runs on Youtube. Not being an expert in plumbing I got enough of a grasp on the videos that I watched to know that there may be some possibility that Heat Hero could help. I spoke to Art on the phone on a couple of occasions who explained to me in lay man’s terms how Heat Hero worked, and assured me that it would help on each and every one of my three issues listed above.

Art fitted the Heat Hero manifold and a new higher rated pump into my system last July, I have waited until now (end October) to write this review as we obviously had not been lighting the stove much until the past month.

The results are:
• All 23 radiators are HOT within 20 minutes of lighting the stove (also plenty of hot water in the taps).
• The system has not pitched any water since the day Heat Hero was installed.
• I am now assured that if / when I need to replace my oil boiler that the new boiler will work seamlessly in parallel to my Broseley stove.
• As the radiators heat up faster and, for whatever reason, retain their heat much longer when the fire is let die down I find myself using a lot less fuel.

In summary I am very happy with Heat Hero and would recommend it to anyone who has similar issues to what I had. I found Art very friendly and incredibly knowledgeable and would like to take this opportunity to wish him all the very best with his business in the future.