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I have fitted a multifuel boiler stove to my oil fired central heating system using Heat Hero Direct.  With Heat Hero Direct I now have nice hot radiators throughout my house and plenty of hot water on tap,  the built-in cooling loop gives me peace of mind knowing there is a safety measure in place should there be an electricity power cut.  The aftersales support is very good and good advice if needed.  I am very happy with this product and I would highly recommend the Heat Hero Direct.



Seamus Leddy Mullingar, Co. Westmeath Heat Hero Direct August 29, 2022

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I fitted the Heat Hero Gravity Booster Kit which includes a Wilo pump and Pipe Stat. I have a dual Solid Fuel Stove and Oil boiler. I must say Art was extremely helpful in explaining the system and making me understand how it works. I also have tado smart valves fitted on all rads in the house, The results after the upgrade is that I have loads of hot water and very hot rads throughout the house thanks to the efficiency of the stove due to the Heat Hero System. I would highly recommend the Heat Hero System.

Declan Harrington - Cork February 24, 2022

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The heat hero is fantastic, definitely recommend it to anyone that has a solid fuel boiler,   I have lots of hot water and radiators are good and warm.

Laurence Doherty March 6, 2021

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Got my Heat Hero fitted its a brilliant job I’m so happy with it!

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Margaret Dolan Donegal February 7, 2021

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Got Heat Hero installed in December and it has made a tremendous difference to our home.    We have solid fuel central heating in a long one storey building and with Heat Hero we have consistent heat to all the radiators, even the ones furthest from the stove.
We are so pleased with we would recommend it to anyone to have it installed. 🔥🔥👍

Patricia Duffy Co. Monaghan January 27, 2021

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I installed heat hero last year and I have to say it's a great job.  The stove can heat our 5 bedroom house with ease and supplies all of our hot water too.   The product does what it says on the tin and customer support from Art Mc Ardle is top class.   Highly recommend Heat Hero.

Bruckless, Donegal January 25, 2021

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We installed a Heat Hero system in our house when we installed a new stove.   It made such a difference.   Highly recommend it.
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Mary Meenaghan January 21, 2021

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Fitted Heat Hero for a friend of mine two months ago .  As a plumber I was sceptical about this product, but it works like a dream , and easy to install.   Would highly recommend Heat Hero for any solid flue / oil combination.
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Cliff O' Riordan Cork January 9, 2021

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We just got the Heat Hero installed this week, as our stove wasn't really heating our rads, and the stove banged and rattled if we lit a fire, the Heat hero system has fixed all the banging and rattling and heats all the radiators, it has solved all our issues and would highly recommend it.

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Mary Kelly Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan November 20, 2020

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I got Heat Hero fitted at the end of the summer. I would highly recommend the Heat Hero.
Great job and piping hot radiators all over the house after 20 minutes of lighting the fire.

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Alan Graham November 18, 2020

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Brilliant system. Best thing ever

Marie Doogan Co. Monaghan November 17, 2020

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Just got Heat Hero installed in my house. It's a fantastic improvement on the old system we had in and we can't get over the heat we now have in our home.

Ann Handratty Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan November 8, 2020

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I have a solid fuel stove and oil burner on the same system , It never worked properly and literally burnt money up the chimney, I fitted Heat Hero last January and all I can say is stop thinking about it, just fit the Heat Hero, massive improvements in every way. Best money I ever spent

Barry Moules Heat Hero Gravity October 14, 2020

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Great product, very happy with heating throughout the house now. I have a boiler stove and was amazed with the difference with Heat Hero.

Darren Fitzgerald Heat Hero Gravity October 12, 2020

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I am a plumber in Letterkenny Co. Donegal. I have fitted Heat Hero on our last few solid fuel boiler installations and every client has come to say how much better their heat and hot water is since they got the Heat Hero fitted.

Martin Roarty Plumber Co. Donegal April 9, 2020

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We have a Heat Design Insert Boiler Stove installed along with the Heat Hero in May 2019.    We've been using it through the winter and I have to say it is a game changer, it brings the type of heat to your rads that I've only seen oil boilers accomplish. Instead of 5/6 rads lukewarm we now have 10+ with great heat.    Very helpful through the whole process and I would highly recommend the Heat Hero system.

Karol O'Deadaigh Heat Hero Gravity Booster Kit March 10, 2020

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We installed a  in Heat Design Boiler Insert Stove along with the Heat HeroMay 2019.   We've been using it through the winter and I have to say it is a game changer, it brings the type of heat to your radiators that I've only seen oil boilers accomplish.  Instead of 5/6 radiators lukewarm we now have 10+ with great heat. Art was very helpful through the whole process and I would highly recommend the Heat Hero system.

To read this testimonial and others follow this link to our facebook page; To read this testimonial and others follow this link to our facebook page;

Denis Deady March 5, 2020

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I installed a Stanley Erin stove connected to our oil central heating system a few years ago but was never happy as it only ever heated 6 rads.  The main concern was the banging noise from the pipes at the back of stove.   I have Heat Hero Installed 4 months now and very pleased as I am heating 12 rads and no more noise only warm natural heat.

David Sheridan Co. Meath February 11, 2020

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We instaĺled Heat Hero last week!

Our Boiler Stove is working great Much faster than before and the Stove is easier on fuel!  

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Dessie Harrington  Cornafean, Co. Cavan February 6, 2020

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Delighted we fitted Heat Hero. 

Make your stove work to the max for you with Heat Hero.   

We took the initiative;     1.  much quicker at heating radiators,
2.   a lot more heat in some of the radiators that never heated before we had it installed.

Well worth it!!  Our plumber fitted Heat Hero and we completely recommend to do same on your solid fuel stove with back boiler.    Heat Hero is the way to go!  

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Geraldine Keenan Ballindine, Co. Mayo February 4, 2020

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Fitted a Heat Hero  with my solid fuel range cooker -  it is really working well

Terrence Barrett Westport, Co. Mayao February 4, 2020

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Fitted Heat Hero with my Solid Fuel Cooker, its really working well.

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Terrence Barrett Westport Co. Mayo Heat Hero Gravity February 1, 2020

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Thank you so much for fitting the Heat Hero in my house, it’s working great and radiators have heat in them in no time.   My Heat Hero system was installed and tested in less than 4 hours.  Pure dinger!

Orla Ní Aogáin Co. Louth January 29, 2020

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We had Heat Hero fitted to my heating system last autumn.   

It has increased the heat in all the radiators upstairs and downstairs.   

Our Stanley Solid Fuel Cooker is much more efficient and all 16 rads are really hot.   

Heat Hero was fitted in an evening and was very professional and tidy.

Best thing we ever installed!

Thanks Heat Hero!

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Patrick & Kathleen O'Connell Virginia , Co Cavan January 28, 2020

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Great job!

Heat Hero really helped with the efficiency of our boiler stove.

Very happy!

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Colin Creighton Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan January 28, 2020

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We have just had Heat Hero heat system fitted 

 Finally! my Boiler Stove works properly.

So Happy!  

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Yvonne Sheridan  Cavan January 22, 2020

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Great System does what it says,  I have fitted the Heat Hero to a few homes -  its Great Job.   also make sure you clean radiators out first with magnacleanse cleaning system.

Gerard Comer Plumber Galway December 14, 2019

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I got Heat Hero fitted last week, I amazed at how well it works.  Haven't turned on the immersion since fitted.
My radiators are piping hot.
My plumber was sceptical about Heat Hero because this was his first one to fit.
He can't believe the difference.
This a very good product by all means.

Ted Gee Portlaoise December 9, 2019

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I put in the Heat Hero a month ago, it's working better than I ever expected or could have wished for.  We use to have to light the stove early in the day to keep the house ticking over, now the stove is lit around 4pm the radiator's are hot an hour later and house is very comfortable for the evening. 

To say I'm using half the coal would be an exaggeration but definitely well over a third and the house is so much warmer. 

My neighbour was so impressed that he's having one fitted today so there is the proof.

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Peter Bennett Mountrath, Co. Laois December 4, 2019

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Heat Hero is a great system and it WORKS!  I’ve fitted this in my own house. Radiators are pumping within 1 hour of lighting the stove.  I have 14 radiators (All doubles and a few cast iron radiators) I have a Stanley Lismore Stove which is 14kw (4kw to the room and 10kw to the heating water) it heats all the radiators no problem. Great product and designed by a great guy Art, he is more than helpful with any questions when fitting. 

I would highly recommend the Heat Hero!

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Padraig McGreevy  Plumber - Co. Down November 30, 2019

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I had Heat Hero installed in my house and my solid fuel stove now heats the radiators and hot water with very little effort.

I'd highly recommend Heat Hero.

Aidan O'Toole November 29, 2019

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We finally got the Heat Hero installed last weekend and it's just fantastic!  We've been in this house 24 years and for the first time we have a warm home...everywhere and loads of hot water.

It’s a brilliant invention!

Just thought I should share our experience.



Mary Walshe Kilkenny November 13, 2019

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We have the Heat Hero solid fuel heating system installed with our boiler stove,  and our house is lovely and warm we have reduced our heating bills, it is really efficient, they are a pleasure to work with.  Any questions just ask them.   I trusted  Heat Hero and the company and I have never looked back.   I swear by it and I have been in a lot of houses with a lot of systems and this is the best one I have seen.  Everyone that comes into our house remarks on how warm it is when they here and how little we spend on heat they are impressed just like we are.

Dawn Houston Finnegan Co. Monaghan November 6, 2019

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I installed Heat Hero in my house with my boiler stove and am delighted with the difference it made specifically the farthest away radiators from the stove.   I highly recommend Heat Hero solid fuel heating system.

John Joseph Kelly Limerick November 6, 2019

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I got one of those Heroic Hero's and it does everything it says on the tin!

Larry Freeman Dublin September 7, 2019

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I have a clients new system 20kw wood burner boiler stove running on Heat Hero.   Fast and not a lot of fuel for domestic hot water and central heating.

Terry Roper Plumbing & Heating Durham, United Kingdom September 6, 2019

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Just installed Heat Hero last week, lit a small fire in the stove, have to say all rads where heating well and had hot water.  I’m a plumber myself, I would recommend this to anyone fitting a solid fuel boiler,  going to see now how Heat Hero work over the winter months.

Laurence Docherty Plumber - Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal August 12, 2019

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I have installed the Heat Hero System about two months ago and   I must say I am very impressed with the system.

My Boiler Stove is about 23ft away from my 300 litre hot water cylinder, in about fifty minutes all of the radiators are all evenly hot (12 in all) and also hot water.

I would recommend Heat Hero System. 

Joseph Walsh Castleisland, Co. Kerry June 4, 2019

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Just thought I would share this.  I had some problems with my boiler stove and heard about this product.  I spoke to Art on the phone and he was a real gentleman, he explained everything how Heat Hero works and how it would solve problems I was having.  I decided to install Heat Hero to my 30kw Blacksmith Boiler Stove and got my plumber Gary to fit it for me.    Art even rang me a week later to see if I had installed it yet and how it was working for me that was around 8 weeks ago so I thought I would see how things went before I write about this product.   I have to say I can't believe  the difference it has made to my stove is day and night, radiators heat up far quicker, I used to have to turn off some radiators to push heat to furthest away ones now all can stay on, heat in them is great and cant thank Art enough for his help.  How something so simple can solve so may problems is a credit to him.  You can see his short videos on You Tube and he was also on Dragons Den Ireland and got investment from one of them, please share and let your friends who might have a boiler stove and have having some problems. I can't recommend this product enough.

Alaistair McCrellis Ballymoney May 16, 2019

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I am writing to you just to thank you for recommending Heat Hero on my Stanley range heating system. We live in a long bungalow, one end of our house was always cold until we fitted a Heat Hero now all the house is warm and we have pipping hot water in the taps.   We are only using half the fuel we were before.   I would highly recommend this product.

Martin Coen Ballinasloe Co. Galway April 9, 2019

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I am very impressed with Heat Hero.  It is a lot less hassle and it also gives loads of hot water as the cylinder is not robbed of heat when the pump is running, in fact exactly the opposite.

If you haven't got one get one!

Nick Wilkinson Tourmakeady, Co. Mayo March 26, 2019

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I installed Heat Hero 6 months ago in my own dual fuel solid fuel heating and oil system and the difference it makes is unbelievable.  This week I've installed another one my cousins house one of the rads wouldn't heat up to the temperature of the other ones, now with Heat Hero problem solved and more heat out of all radiators - very happy with this product.

Christopher Sherlock Cootehill, Co. Cavan Plumber March 14, 2019

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Works great! I installed Heat Hero Gravity in my own house, delighted with results.

Shane Larkin Heating and Plumbing Edenderry, Co. Offaly March 1, 2019

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I had the Heat Hero installed recently and I am sorry I did not get this before now. I have a Dual heating system - Oil and Solid Fuel Central Heating. Now both systems are working really well and the heat in my radiators is amazing from my Boiler Stove without using the Oil - Heat Hero is a Great Product and I am sorry I did not get this before now.

Valarie Cloake February 8, 2019

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I had the Heat Hero installed recently for my Boiler Stove and the difference it makes is amazing. All 12 radiators (a few of which are doubles) on at the same time and all heating up hot. And I have loads of hot water and am not burning as much fuel.
I am more than happy with Heat Hero.

Gwen Crawford Co. Donegal February 6, 2019

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Heat Hero inventor Art McArdle for his incredible piece of kit. We have a rayburn 40 stove as well as leaving a gas boiler in for back-up giving us a choice.
The rayburn has now been fitted and never have i had to use the gas ever. With Heat Hero I've now got hot water so hot it steams, 9 radiators are so hot it's unreal. I have a choice of various fuels,logs,economy coal,smokeless the Heat Hero enables all of these fuels to provide ample heat for hot water and I believe even more than 9 radiators would run from this too. I was told by plumbers that our rayburn could only run 2/3 radiators but the performance from Heat Hero is outstanding.
The Heat Hero has taken so much pressure from our day to day life as cooking anytime ,constant hot water for baths/showers and a house that is continuously warm, it is so economic to run with no worrying about bills . So don't hold back give heat hero 5 minutes of your time you will never look back it has given us a new lease on life making us fully independent saving a fortune it worked for us, as long as you have a back boiler in a stove or fire it will work.
Thanks again Art, forever grateful.

Doug Roberston Staffordshire, UK February 1, 2019

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Great Job! - I had Heat Hero installed for my boiler stove before Christmas!

Michael James McKiernan Co. Leitrim February 1, 2019

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I had no heat to rads and banging noise just fitted heat hero and all rads nice and hot thanks Art

Brendan Willis Co. Kerry January 29, 2019

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I have had a boiler stove for 10 years and recently purchased Heat Hero... the improvement with the heat output is second to none... less fuel and more heat.   I cannot recommend this product enough!  Well worth the money!!

Jan Janecek January 5, 2019

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I have a Broseley Hercules 30Kw stove heating 23 Rads. I also have a Firebird Oil boiler connected to the heating system. We bought the house 3 ½ years ago and from day one always had issues with the heating system.

The main problems were:
• Once lit the stove would take anything up to 2 hours with a strong fire to heat the rads –and even then they were not very hot.
• System was frequently pitching water out of the header tank in the attic through the overflow pipe at the side of the house.
• I was told recently by a plumber that my 10 year old oil boiler would inevitably reach the end of its useful life in the next 2 to 3 years and that when I replace same with a new high efficiency boiler that I could not have the stove linked into the same system. Basically he informed me that my 30Kw stove would be disconnected from all pipework but that I could use it as a room heater!

I, like many others, had seen Art on Dragons Den a couple of years ago and went searching for re-runs on Youtube. Not being an expert in plumbing I got enough of a grasp on the videos that I watched to know that there may be some possibility that Heat Hero could help. I spoke to Art on the phone on a couple of occasions who explained to me in lay man’s terms how Heat Hero worked, and assured me that it would help on each and every one of my three issues listed above.

Art fitted the Heat Hero manifold and a new higher rated pump into my system last July, I have waited until now (end October) to write this review as we obviously had not been lighting the stove much until the past month.

The results are:
• All 23 radiators are HOT within 20 minutes of lighting the stove (also plenty of hot water in the taps).
• The system has not pitched any water since the day Heat Hero was installed.
• I am now assured that if / when I need to replace my oil boiler that the new boiler will work seamlessly in parallel to my Broseley stove.
• As the radiators heat up faster and, for whatever reason, retain their heat much longer when the fire is let die down I find myself using a lot less fuel.

In summary I am very happy with Heat Hero and would recommend it to anyone who has similar issues to what I had. I found Art very friendly and incredibly knowledgeable and would like to take this opportunity to wish him all the very best with his business in the future.

Garry Healy Glendarragh, Wicklow October 30, 2018

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Fitted the heat hero gravity in my own house out of curiosity, the heating system of a 30kw stove and an oil boiler was working fine, now it's much much better with the rads piping hot, loads of hot water and burning a lot less fuel, a fantastic bit of kit.

Barry McHale Plumber September 29, 2018

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For the past 10 years I have solid fuel system connected to oil system using a recommended link up system at the time.  I wasn’t happy with my system and I saw a product Heat Hero.  I took away my old system and connected my solid fuel and oil boiler with Heat Hero and the temperature in the radiators is now way way hotter , they were only luke warm to start, and it is about 85% better than on the system I had before.  Getting Heat Hero was money very well spent.

Follow this link to read this and more testimonials on Facebook


Tony Hamill Kildalkey, Co. Meath September 10, 2018

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I installed a Stanley Erin stove a number of years ago. I have a Firebird Popular 35Kw oil boiler also. the stove never heated efficiently from day one. It would make loud banging noises before circulating pump kicked in. It would also pitch constantly at expansion tank in attic. I tried raising and increasing length of expansion pipe, increasing/decreasing pump speed - no improvement. I went to Art with my problem. He installed Heat Hero. Stove banging and pitching is now gone. Stove heats all my 20 radiators effectively now once a good fire is on.
I would recommend Heat Hero to anyone who has a heating system similar to mine or who are experiencing the same problems.

Ciaran Rafferty Co. Louth August 28, 2018

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I have a Reginald Stanley stove for the last three years and two radiators would not heat up too well.   Since I got Heat Hero installed, all my radiators are piping hot and it only takes 40 to 50 percent less fuel to heat them, plenty of hot water too.  Can't fault the service and helpfulness at all. I would highly recommend this system to anyone with a boiler stove.

Declan de Monge August 3, 2018

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I bought a Stanley Cara 17 KW inset stove from Heiton Buckley Ballymount, Dublin and fit it to an existing oil fired system.   After installation I could not get the radiators or hot water up to temperature. I spoke to a very helpful Stanley engineer called John who recommended I speak to and install a Heat Hero onto the system.  I found the Heat Hero very simple and easy to install and Arthur from Heat Hero talked me through the system step x step. Since fitting this product my customer is more than happy with the performance of their stove. I have since fitted numerous Heat Hero's including the Heat Hero Direct.  I'm quite happy to recommend these systems to future customers and have the approval of my previous clients to show these systems to future clients.  I have also advertised this product on my website.  I am happy to receive any calls, texts or emails and give Heat Hero my highest recommendation.

Ken Doyle, Kildare Plumbing Services, Celbridge, Co. Kildare July 31, 2018

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We have just installed a Stanley Donard solid fuel range using Heat Hero. We had been told that the range would only heat 15 radiators but with Heat Hero all 30 radiators heat up brilliantly and we have vast amounts of hot water. A fantastic result and a great investment. A wonderful service from Art as well. Highly recommended. Naoise Gordon

Naoise Gordon July 19, 2018

default image
I Emailed for details on Heat Hero a great response time and a phone call to explain the in and out of this product.  I fitted the product and found it to do exactly what is says it will do.  Very happy with all aspects of this Heat Hero and diagrams explain how it can be used in every possible situation of heating specs.  Over all very happy

Alan Moran June 18, 2018

default image

We have a Stanley Lismore Stove & we also have an oil fired boiler.  The rads in our attic conversion never worked properly & had to be bled constantly.  The expansion tank was filling up with water.  We had Heat Hero fitted this Spring & the improvement is amazing.    All our rads get much hotter faster now and we have lots of hot water too. We are extremely pleased with this system which is far more efficient now and strongly recommend Heat Hero.

Brian & Margaret Corbally May 23, 2018

default image

Good Heat Hero is the best thing I ever spent money on less fuel better heat all around the house

Jim Mackin May 13, 2018

default image

Heat Hero, its excellent, I save fuel with it especially this winter, the house is always warm, even when the the fire goes down the radiators are still warm for some time after.   It takes no time to heat the house, and in the morning its still comfortable, the water is piping hot, every home should have one, I would highly recommend Heat Hero for economy and efficiency. Brilliant idea, well done.

Dee Finnegan May 4, 2018

default image

I have a Stanley solid fuel stove. Although the radiators would be lovely and hot didn't have a lot of hot water. Thanks to Heat Hero that is now a thing of the past. Just wish I had it installed all along. I really would recommend anyone getting a stove installed should get a heat hero at the same time as it really does improve your system for very little cost.

Gemma O'Mearchair May 3, 2018

default image

This is a great little product, solar system we install will give you hotwater 12 months off the year in all weather conditions, having the Heat Hero installed will put the heat straight to the rads as the stove is not needed to heat the hotwater,

Christy Lynch March 23, 2018

default image

Noel ,our plumber highly recommended the system so We had the heat hero system installed in our home and the difference was immediate, we have fantastic heat now to all radiators and hot water is also always available.  Art explained the system to me in simple terms in his showroom in
Carrickmacross and I was left fully confident in his system.  Its a fantastic asset to our home.

Thank you 

Declan Steel March 16, 2018

default image

I dont usually post about this kinda thing but this is a must, we fitted a solid fuel stove to our house 9 years ago when we were building it, we also have solar panels and oil.   We bought 40 bags of coal for the first 5 years and never had a really hot radiator once.  In the end we just gave up on it, had gotten every plumber I know to look at it but no good so took a look at it myself and what I could figure out was the stove was producing plenty of hot water but where it was going in my case was up the vent pipe, which every system must have, up to the attic and dumping all my hot water into the small tank. It was so hot it was out of shape and how it didn't burst I don't know, so the only hot water my rads were getting was just gravity feed from the tank but how to fix this was the problem.  I just happened to meet Art at the ploughing match and he said 100% this will fix it, I didn't belive him so brought home a brochure and rang my plumber.   He called and looked at it and said he seen it before but wasn't sure, he said it's a lot of money to chance it but to me it was only half the price of a pallet of coal so went to ploughing match the following year and bought it, got it fitted last summer and what can I say this is possibly the best, most under-estimated product out there!   It has transformed our stove into a boiler, we don't even put coal into it now as it would blow you out of the house.   Many a night we've been sitting watching TV and thought the oil heating must be on too it would be so hot but no just the stove! For us it's a no-brainer, if anyone out there has same problem as us go check your tanks and if they are hot just fit this product, it's unbelievable!

Ciaran Casey,  Macroom Co Cork

Ciaran Casey March 13, 2018

default image

We installed a hunter solid fuel back boiler stove 9 years ago when we were building our house, we had problems with it from the start as it wasn’t heating upstairs and downstairs, so we had to get a plumber to have it heating just upstairs.
We got the heat hero system fitted last Saturday and now it is heating upstairs and downstairs at the same time.  The radiators are piping hot and I can’t sit close to the stove now as it’s that hot now.
And heathero actually rang me 5 days after it was fitted to see if everything was okay.
Very good customer service.

Padraig Curtis February 21, 2018

default image

On my recommendation a colleague at work installed Heat Hero in his home in Oct 17. His plumber who installed it was so impressed with the results that he has since installed the system in 3 other homes.  4 happy customers!

Marie Burke February 15, 2018

default image

I am a plumber by trade and have a Waterford Stanley (Donard) solid fuel cooker installed.  I moved my cylinder into the attic of my bungalow many years ago and on and off I had problems with pitching and poor circulation. When I first seen the heat hero like many a plumber I thought " gimmick nothing wrong with my plumbing" but after meeting with Art and going through the Installation of the heat hero I decided to give it a try.  Boy was I glad. The radiators have never worked as well and the wife is baking bread in the cooker for the first time in a long time.The cooker is using less fuel we are now burning one bucket of coal a night instead of 3. I would highly recommend it to anyone and Art is always very helpful and on hand if ever needed.

Stephen Duffy . Rockcorry Co monaghan

Stephen Duffy February 14, 2018

default image

I have a Waterford Stanley cooker which I use all the time. No matter how much fuel I used in it there were still some radiators which were not heating up.  I tried to get the problem fixed numerous times but with no success.  I heard about Heat Hero so I bought it and got a local plumber to install it.  To say it was the best money I ever spent would be an understatement. I am absolutely delighted with the result, it has made a massive difference in my home. All of the radiators are now hot and the house is lovely and warm. We have lots of hot water and are burning a lot less fuel than before.  I recommend anybody who has solid fuel to install a Heat Hero.

Carmel Meegan February 7, 2018

default image

Heat hero has changed our home! We have a rayburn supreme for three years with 13 radiators running off it.  The last three never warm but since we got the heat hero it's like a new range.  Great heat with less fuel.  A massive difference to the overall heat in house and less cost.   Wish had gotten sooner.   If had known difference would have made would have installed at time of cooker installation. Art and his team were fantastic to deal with.  Nothing was a problem and you knew he just wanted the best job for you.  Highly recommend both product heat hero and Art.  Thanks so much for everything!

Maggie Martin February 1, 2018

default image

For years we struggled with our dual fuel system - back boiler and oil cooker-  instead of complementing each other in heating our house, as expected, the results were the opposite.  Our back boiler was in need of replacing so we considered an insert stove.  'Elete stoves' were called upon to do the change over.  Having met with Art and his team to discuss (and lament about our poor returns for out fuel outlays) Art informed us about 'Heat Hero' and its assured benefits.  Let's get moving we said excitedly.  Work commenced and after two days of hard work and skilled labor we had our new system up and running.   Moving on one month from installation of Heat Hero, our heating has been transformed.  We have a wonderfully cosy warm house with fuel efficiency at a level way beyond any expectations It was just unimaginable before.  Heat Hero is a genius piece of equipment, a truly 21st century requirement for anyone wanting to maximise their heating system and save money.  Thank you Art for your innovative mind and creative skills.  We are delighted to recommend HEAT HERO.

Gerard Farrelly January 29, 2018

default image

We had big old house 15 radiators to heat, tried every option without success.  Art McArdle (Brains of THE HEAT HERO SYSTEM) took on the challenge.  Fitted stove with back boiler, and connected his HEAT HERO SYSTEM.  Finally we had 100% success.  Plenty heat and hot water. Great saving on oil, coal etc.  Work was carried out professionally to the highest degree and finally with great pride HEAT HERO SYSTEM proved to be 100% successful and GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY.  Extra bonus: IF aftercare or advice needed Art reassured it’s just a call away on 042 9673732.

Cynthia Meegan December 12, 2017

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I fitted a Heat Hero Gravity with a Waterford Stanley Erin Boiler Stove and was amazed at how well the system worked and I will definitely be fitting Heat Hero with all solid fuel boilers in the future.

Steven Walsh Foxford, Co. Mayo September 5, 2017

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We are very happy with Heat Hero, before we got Heat Hero our open back boiler fire only heated 5 radiators now it heats 10 radiators and water instantly.

Thank you very much for your advice and help.

Many thanks

Martin Courtney’’

Martin Courtney August 17, 2017

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We had quite a hungry wood burning stove in the kitchen and with a combination of wood, coal and briquettes (weekly cost was around 50-70 euros) it struggled to warm the place. We have a 2000 Sq foot area with 12 radiators running from the stove which stove struggled to heat. Since fitting the Heat Hero system we haven't bought one bag of coal. We are so happy with the results and have a constant supply of roasting hot water that we would recommend this product as a fine investment and that's going to last us and also save us money for a long time. It changed our house and lives. Totally transformed our house into a home.

Roisin Lennon January 8, 2017

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I had a stove installed using Heat Hero system and I am extremely pleased with how it has worked in our home. What I found in comparison to other systems family and friends have is that with Heat Hero the radiators are at full temperature within 15 minutes with no boost needed by Oil, it has proven to be really cost effective. I would highly recommend this system to everyone.

Pat Finnegan Co. Monaghan November 17, 2016

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There was not a lot of heat coming from the stove into the room and only some of the radiators got warm no matter how much of fire we put on. We always had to use the oil along with the stove to heat the house. We had never been happy with the stove and we thought that it would heat a lot more. I heard about them through facebook and phoned them. Yes, we are very happy with the Stove now. It is giving out a lot more heat to the room and it is heating all of the radiators. We do not have to use the Oil now when the Stove is lit. If the radiators were 50% efficient before they are 90% now, also lots of hot water. We have noticed that the radiators stay hotter for longer and we don’t have to use as much fuel. Thank you,

Aiden & Ciara Walsh Co. Monaghan October 10, 2016

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After installing a boiler stove I had been very disappointed with the heat output to my radiators and to the sitting room where it was fitted,after a visit from Art and after the installation of a Heat Hero we now are very happy,the whole system is working so much better,and more efficiently aswell.

Thanks again

Fiona Morris, Co.Mayo Mayo March 15, 2016

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I fitted one of your Heat Hero systems before Xmas 2015. Very happy with it and the customer is delighted also.  Heating the radiators of the wall.

Derek Kelly Longford February 16, 2016

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I fitted Heat Hero in my own heating system and am very happy with it - more rads heating and less fuel burnt. Very good system.

Ray Dempsey - Plumber Co. Galway February 5, 2016

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Just a little note to let you know how delighted I am with my Multifuel Stove. This is my best winter enjoying the benefits of my Brightfire Stove with Heat Hero.  It is so easy to light and uses less fuel than my previous open fire and  gives off so much heat throughout the house.  It's clean and fitted very nicely into my existing fire place.  I can certainly say it has left more money in my purse.

Jackie Rudden February 3, 2016

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In 2015 Art installed Heat Hero system.  They had just started to promote it.  I would just like to say that it has made a world of difference to the heating in my house.  I now use less fuel than before, have loads of hot water but best of all a far better heat in my house.  So if anyone is thinking of installing a stove I would highly recommend Heat Hero System it will be money well spent.  

Thank you

Dermot Brady January 18, 2016

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We are very happy with the new stove you installed and the new heat hero system
We found over Christmas using the Stove we had great heat from all the rads on the ground floor and even when we opened the valve for upstairs had great heat in all rad upstairs too.
We've found having hot water all the time from using the new system.
We've also found using the oil Burner with the new heat hero system we have brilliant heat from all the rads ground floor and upstairs in a short space of time , so much more Quicker than the old system.
We have no problem recommending your stove range and the heat hero system to anyone well worth our heating system has never been better!!

Yours Thankfully 

Pat McKeown January 13, 2016

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I had a stove installed in July 2015 and I am extremely pleased with how it has worked in our home. What I found in comparison to other systems family and friends have is that with the Heat Hero system the radiators are at full temperature within 15 minutes with no boost needed by oil, it has proven to be really cost effective I would highly recommend this system to everyone.

Pat Finnegan January 13, 2016

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Our Stove never really worked that well.  As well as heating radiators it was supposed to heat water.  We contacted Art and he installed the Heat Hero system.  It sorted out our heating problems and now the Stove is operating at its full potential.  We are delighted with the improvements and now have hot radiators and hot water throughout the whole house.   We would recommend Art and the Heat Hero system to anyone.

Eamonn & Noeleen Coyle January 6, 2016

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I came across this gentleman at the ploughing championships in Sept past.  I thought his product was excellent & sorted a lot of problems for boiler stove installations. There's no wiring & easy to retrofit or install on new builds.  I have a Reginald stove in my own house which has 27 rads & most of these are doubles.  The system is zoned so I can have the stove for upstairs or downstairs.  If the two zones were open all the rads were lukewarm & a few with no heat at all.  I installed the Heat Hero a few weeks ago & I can honestly say it's unreal.

No prob heating all 27 rads & loads of hot water.

Noel Gallagher January 6, 2016

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I have my boiler stove fitted with “Heat Hero” and fuel bills has been reduced with 75% for the same calendar period. “Heat Hero” works for me and my bills can prove it.

Emilian Petrescu Castlebellingham, Co. Louth January 6, 2016

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It is now almost a year since I've had a 'Boru' solid fuel boiler stove installed in my home. I've been delighted with its performance and the savings I've made on my heating oil costs.

However in recent months I've had my system upgraded by having a Heat Hero manifold installed. Since the upgrade my heating output and hot water supply has improved hugely.  I can highly recommend Heat Hero to providing more efficiency to boiler stoves, increasing financial savings and providing more heat and hot water supply to any home."

Ann Boyle Co. Meath December 16, 2015

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Hi Art, Well happy with product and brilliant job done all round, No hesitation in recommending Heat Hero to anyone .
Many Thanks

Christopher Reilly December 2, 2015

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Our cooker never heated all of our radiators very well. Radiators that are part of an extension at the end of our house never got hot enough. We contacted Art and he installed the Heat Hero.  It sorted out our heating and he also fitted a 17kw inset boiler stove.  We are delighted with the difference, we now have hot radiators throughout the whole house and we love our stove.

Noel and Nora Matthews September 9, 2015

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Things are good here, even more so after your visit!   We had always been very disappointed with the performance of our stove, both for the radiators & the hot water and initially felt that the investment in buying the stove & having it fitted was a waste of money.  However, once it became apparent that the fitting itself was the issue, trying to find a plumber who could make any noticeable difference proved almost impossible.  To us, you were next but I'm delighted to say, you are the last!  The stove itself is burning hotter, the water in the sinks is hotter & the radiators are now giving out heat rather than just warming up slightly and we are burning less fuel. The oil fired central heating is performing better.  The Heat Hero you fitted certainly seems to have made a great difference! We're looking forward to a much warmer winter!

Thanks again

Claire Diviney, Co. Wicklow September 9, 2015

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This is just a short note to say many thanks for taking the time to sort out my heating. I live in a 5 Bedroom house and it was costing me about 3,000 Euro every year on oil to heat the house in the morning and evening time only. I also had a back boiler that only heated the room that it was in. I got talking to Art and he helped me to get the heating up and running in the house. He installed the Heat Hero  and put a firefront door on the back boiler. He also fitted a timer to that I can heat upstairs and downstairs separately with my back boiler. I am getting plenty of heat day and night from my back boiler and am now using a lot less oil than before. I am so grateful for this great job. I even have to open the door to let some of the heat out!

Geraldine Lennon Co. Monaghan September 9, 2015

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We had an Evergreen Stove with a boiler that never worked well. I had already had three different plumbers out to the house to work on the central heating but still the radiators never got hot enough no matter how much fuel we put into the stove. I was going to get a new stove because I thought it must be the stove that's at fault. Art was recommended to me, so I called him. He told me he could fix it by fitting the Heat Hero and a week later he came and fixed it. My stove is working as it should be and I am getting great heat from all of my radiators and lots of hot water and I am burning much less fuel than ever before. I couldn't be happier with the results.

Thank you!

Maureen Kenny Co. Louth September 9, 2015