We are delighted to announced our partnership with Waterford Stanley, Ireland’s No.1 stove brand.
Waterford Stanley requires no introduction; an Irish company with a long and proud tradition known for bringing warmth and comfort to homes for generations, stretching back to when the first range cooker was made in Waterford in 1936.

Stanley combines superb craftsmanship and design to create products that suit a modern lifestyle and bring people together over good food, warmth and a strong sense of heritage. Through our partnership with Waterford Stanley, Heat Hero is delighted to continue this tradition of craftsmanship, innovation and technology to allow you fit a Stanley Solid Fuel Boiler Stove where previously advised that it was not possible.


Why Choose Waterford Stanley?


  • Waterford Stanley solid fuel stoves are three times more efficient than an open fire and up to 80% efficient
  •  78% of Stanley owners see their fuel bills reduce since installing their stove
  • Built with pride in Waterford since 1936


Heat Hero & Waterford Stanley – A Winning Combination

Heat Hero Gravity is a High Efficiency Open Vented Solid Fuel Heating System that is designed to safely create pressure & strong circulation in an open vented heating system and can be used to overcome performance issues such as:

  • Poor Gravity Circulation from the Stove to the Hot Water Cylinder
  • Difficult in generating an even heat to all radiators on large heating systems
  • Water in Cylinder not heating sufficiently.
  • Hot water pitching from the open expansion.
  • Banging noises coming from the Boiler Stove


The Heat Hero Gravity consists of two manifolds that has no electrics or moving parts. It operates by circulating the water in the heating system away from the open air vent, increasing the static water pressure to 0.7 bar in the heating system, thus improving the water circulation.

To find out more about Waterford Stanley and browse their full range of stoves and range cookers, visit http://www.waterfordstanley.com

I fitted a Heat Hero Gravity with a Waterford Stanley Erin Boiler Stove and was amazed at how well the system worked and I will definitely be fitting Heat Hero with all solid fuel boilers in the future.

Steven Walsh

Foxford, Co. Mayo