Heat Hero is a Waterford Stanley ‘Accredited Product’.   Solid Fuel Boiler Stoves are becoming more and more efficient – and with increasing oil and gas prices and colder winters ahead, a solid fuel boiler will heat your whole home, provide all of your hot water and look fantastic in your home.  And with a Waterford Stanley Solid Fuel Cooker you can cook and bake as well!!

Solid fuel wood fuel is both sustainable and renewable and with a Heat Hero installation you can save up to 30% on winter fuel bills.    With a dual fuel systems with Heat Hero you will save both on solid fuel heating and oil or gas heating bills as well.

Whether you are upgrading, refurbishing or building a new home, check out our Waterford Stanley Heat Hero Accredited Product.   Heat Hero has a product and solution for every boiler stove installation.   If you want to upgrade the efficiency of your solid fuel boiler or are installing a new boiler Award winning Heat Hero is the first Eco system on the market to make sure your solid fuel boiler stove or solid fuel cooker is installed to operate safely and at its maximum efficiency.

We love this Waterford Stanley Lismore Boiler Stove shown here in cream enamel.  Elegant and smart – heating the whole house and providing the hot water too.


Stanley Lismore Boiler Stove

More than Beautiful!

Source:  Waterford Stanley Lismore Boiler Stove

  • Powerful performance on demand –  Max 4.7kW heat output to room and max 12.5kW boiler output
  • Heats up to 10 standard radiators
  • 76.3% efficient – three times more efficient than an open fire